About Us

Dear Colleagues,

Conference Series welcome you to the webinar 3rd Asia Pacific Oncology and Cancer Conference during May 24-25, 2021 with a theme “Explore the Latest Innovative Treatment and Prevention of Oncology and Cancer Challenges”.

Cancer Summit 2021, webinar will focus on educational research directed toward its impact on clinical outcomes through oral and poster presentations, educational workshop sessions and influential plenary presentations. Cancer Summit 2021 is a perfect platform to find out how Cancer and Oncology research innovations helpful to the Medical, Health and human society. Cancer Summit 2021 will mainly focus on the trending topics during presentations of the two-day event, which reflect current education, research, developments and innovations internationally in the field of CancerOncology and medical sectors. This includes prompt Keynote Presentations, Oral Talks, Poster Presentations, Video Presentations and Exhibitions.

Overview of Oncology and Cancer:

The Innovative idea of Cancer has started great many researches to be embraced by the labs around the world. An extraordinary number of researchers and scientists taking a shot at Caner research, till date, no significant solution for this is recorded. Global Cancer will also provide two days of discussions on techniques and systems identified with administration and quality change of Cancer and in addition to investigate the new thoughts and ideas on worldwide scale and the themes incorporate lung malignancy, bosom disease, bone tumor, leukemia, blood cancer, cervical tumor, colon-rectum disease, pediatric malignancy, surgical tumor, Prostate growth, thyroid malignancy.

Global market is segmented into Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa. According to market study, Market Value for Oncology will be more than double to $ 623 Million by 2020. A major part of the research is going on the top Universities across the globe. So many companies are associated with various Cancer Screening and Diagnostics instruments and other therapeutics. Besides this various societies, associations and research centers are also associated in this research field.

Target Audience:

  • Cancer Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Research scholars
  • Pathologist
  • Students
  • Diagnostics companies
  • Medical Practitioners
  • Industrial Researchers
  • Academicians
  • Directors, Head of Department
  • Chemotherapists
  • Research and Development Department.
  • Business Delegates
  • Medical Colleges
  • Rehabilitation Specialists
  • Genetic scientists
  • Cancer Associations
  • Diagnostic Laboratory Professionals
  • Hospital presidents/CEOs/COOs/VPs/trustees
  • Hospital c-suite executives (operations, development, finance)
  • Oncology specialists (medical, radiation, and surgical)
  • Oncology program and practice administrators, managers, and service line executives
  • Healthcare consultants, vendors, and suppliers
  • Cancer program marketing and public relations professionals
  • Exhibitors and people with keen interest in the research areas of Cancer Research.

Who should sponsor/exhibit:

  • Basic and Translational Laboratory Researchers       
  • Hospitals
  • Educational Institutes
  • Research Centers
  • Charitable Foundations focused on funding research, advocating for and supporting the needs

Why to attend?

Oncology and Cancer will enlighten the people with the most recent advancements in Cancer diagnosis, Cancer Science, Cancer therapy, Cancer treatment etc., around the world and to glow the related research ideas regarding Cancer Research & Oncology.

The aim of the webinar is to provide a platform to academicians and practitioners from multiple disciplines to debate and deliberate on social change that is encompassed by innovation and technology.

 Benefits of Attending the Webinar:

  • Networking Opportunities, Grow Your Professional Network
  • Build Your Knowledge Base
  • Expand Your Resources
  • Learning in a New Space
  • Break Out of Your Comfort Zone
  • New Tips & Tactics
  • Top Industries Representation
  • Abstracts will be published in the webinar souvenir and respective International journals
  • Each Abstract will receive unique (DOI) Number provided by Cross Ref
  • Website visibility to more than 35K visitors in less than 6 months
  • Laudable talks by the top-notch of the Global Scientific Community
  • The Serendipity of the Random Workshop
  • Will be felicitated with International Organizing Committee Member (IOCM)
  • Remarkable Awards and Global Recognition to meritorious Researchers